Spring - Rice Planting 春 - 田植え
Spring - Cherry Blossom 春 - さくら
Summer - Sports Day 夏 - 運動会
Spring - Kabuki 春 - 歌舞伎
Summer - Pool 夏 - プール
Autumn - Harvest 秋 - 稲刈り
Winter - Big Snow 冬 - 大雪
Winter - Ice Skating 冬 - スケート教室
Over the past decade, I have worked as an English teacher in fifteen Japanese elementary schools in Nagano and I’m often impressed with the stunning views from the classrooms of the surrounding mountains. This particular school (Kanou School in Tomi City) lies on the border of a national park and serves as a good example. I have documented the changing landscape throughout the school year to produce this series of composite panoramic photographs, based around Japan’s four distinct seasons. 
Elementary school in Japan is an ideal place to see how nature and the seasons are ingrained into Japanese culture. The school curriculum closely mirrors the surrounding natural landscape, and is echoed in the wider community through seasonal festivals and agricultural cycles. This synchronised awareness of nature is consistent throughout Japan, and creates a collective consciousness that seems inextricably linked to the natural world.


VIDEO: The making of Autumn - Harvest 秋 - 稲刈りのメイキング