Contemplating the City as Nature
Cells i / 細胞 i
Cells ii / 細胞 ii
Red Crowned Cranes i / 丹頂鶴 i
Red Crowned Cranes ii / 丹頂鶴 ii
Twilight Horizon / 夕暮れの地平線
Midnight in a Perfect World / 理想郷夜半 **
Holonic / 調和
Timeless / 永遠 **
Journey to the End of the Night / 夜の終わりに向かう旅 **
Meiso / 瞑想
In my previous works, Land of Technology imagined Tokyo as a high-tech future world, whereas in stark contrast, A Classroom with a View focussed on rural life at an elementary school, high up in the mountains of Nagano. 市[shi]ZEN is the culmination of these earlier projects, drawing on their themes and production techniques.
Much like the title,* the 市[shi]ZEN images are a hybrid of city and nature - Tokyo's futuristic cityscapes have been fused together with Nagano's majestic mountain vistas and starry skies. Ordinarily, cities and natural scenery are considered opposing entities, but on the cosmic scale of stars and galaxies, when the Earth itself is nothing but a dot in space, everything that exists upon it is perceived as one interconnected whole and as belonging to the same nature.
市[shi]ZEN : Contemplating the City as Nature
*Shi-zen (自然) in Japanese means "nature". For the title of this project, the first character has been replaced with 市  - also phonetically read as shi - meaning "city".
The second character has been written in Romanji  (然 > ZEN) to evoke the English meaning - a deep meditation or contemplation, derived from the Japanese Buddhist spiritual practice of Zen (禅). 
So at once, the title denotes both nature and city, and invites the viewer to contemplate the relationship between them.



それはつまり、このプロジェクトが私の過去の作品である未来的な都市を描いた「Land of Technology」と、
田舎の小学校の風景をテーマにした「a Classroom With a View」を融合させたものだと言い換えることができます。

タイトルを自然ではなく「市[shi] ZEN」としたのは、日本らしい禅の空気も作品に取り込みたいと思ったからです。